A New Year, A New Book!

I’ve declared 2017 my writing year and my first order of business was to release a new book! A Shattered Moon was released on January 17! It’s a fantasy novel, geared toward young adults but can be enjoyed by older adults as well. It tells the story of Ally Foster, a 15-year-old girl whose biggest problem is a spiteful history teacher until she is transported to the world of Ayden. Although Ally never believed in any religion, she soon realizes that Ayden was once the Garden of Eden. Now, the descendants of angels and the followers of demons battle for control of the land. Ally must decide who she wants to be in this new world; a girl who hides in fear, or one who stands up and fights for those she loves.

A Shattered Moon is the first novel in “The Portals of Ayden” trilogy. The second book is scheduled for release in June 2017.

In addition to these two new titles, I’m hoping to have my next Biblical fiction published by the end of this year. In the Shadow of the Queen will introduce readers to Anna, a young girl who works in the palace of Queen Alexandra Salome of Israel. Yes! Israel had a queen! Alexandra Salome ruled from the years 76 B.C. until 67 B.C. The land experienced a time of peace and prosperity under a faithful Jewish ruler that it did not see again until the present age. But after the queen’s death, Israel fell into civil war and chaos that paved the way for Roman occupation and King Herod the Great.

I have high hopes for 2017 and will be praying that God helps me to fulfill all my writing goals.

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