New Year Update

I find myself half-way through my next Biblical fiction novel, tentatively titled, In the Shadow of Kings. The story started out about Anna, the prophetess mentioned in Luke 2, and she remains a central figure. However, as I delve into the second half of the book, King Herod is going to play a more significant role. The more I researched him, the more I found him an intriguing and conflicted person. Jerusalem in those last years before the coming of Christ was a hot bed of civil and political turmoil. Reminds me a lot of today’s world and I hope to show how God has a plan, even when everything around us seems to be in chaos.

My story, Celebrating the Tears, has been chosen to appear in a special Chicken Soup for the Soul to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. For Mom, With Love will be out in time for Mother’s Day!

On the home front, I’m preparing for the weddings of both of my children this year. Pinterest has become a major obstacle to my writing, but I valiantly try to resist it’s evil pull. Pray for me!


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