Driving in My Car

It’s happened again. I’m riding in my car alone, concentrating on the road ahead (which can be difficult when you’re on I-29-it’s an incredibly flat, straight piece of highway) when in my brain, my WIP (work in progress) starts playing like a movie  in my head.

It’s an odd sensation because, unlike when I’m in front of my computer struggling to create a scene, I normally don’t have control over what the characters are doing or saying when this happens. I’ve found myself in tears at stop lights because a character has opened his heart to me in a way I never expected. Or I’ve cheered coming off an exit ramp as my heroine finally had the courage to stand up for herself.

This past weekend, my characters showed me, in no uncertain terms, that the climax I’d been building to throughout this whole new story wasn’t what needed to happen. Oh sure, I could have a variation of it, but it would not be what drove the ending of the book like I’d planned for the past year. Instead, as I stared at the flat Missouri and Iowa landscape, they played out for me what my new ending would be. If I can write it half as good as they performed it in my brain, it’s going to be good. It’s going to be real good!

I thought I’d share that little nugget of weirdness from my life as a writer. Hope you all are enjoying your summers and staying cool in the heat. I’ll keep you updated on when the novel is finally finished, but with this new inspiration, it shouldn’t be too long. TTFN

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